Education Philosophy and Teaching Methodology

At Satyug Darshan Vidyalaya , we believe that:

“Education means character building besides knowledge of duty”

The curriculum is well designed to enable complete development of the child with regards to academics, physical, moral and spiritual aspects of education. For this various techniques such as demonstrative methods, project based learning , interactive sessions, and group learning techniques are used. Once the child creates or engages himself in doing activities, the learning becomes permanent.

Teachers continuously and comprehensively assess the children , and it provides a better understanding of what students are learning and what more can be achieved. Diagnostic assessment of the students is also conducted to target on learning and evaluation of topics learnt by students ,minutely.

Audio visual aids make the subject come alive and grab the attention of the students thereby making learning , a fun activity.

Teachers are also encouraged to create their own resources in the form of presentations which are also made a part of smart learning of students. The teacher is also accessible to each child.

Teaching Effectiveness

1.Latest equipments and educational aids are used for effective teaching. e.g real objects, role plays, audio visual aids , flash cards etc.

2. Demonstrative and interactive learning techniques are adapted for practical application and to encourage participation of every child with objectivity and problem solving approach, thereby enhancing learning through experiential learning opportunities.

3. Development of self learning attitude through consistant progress monitoring and effective supervision system .

4. Group learning to develop habit of learning from others thereby emphasizing on team building spirit.

5. Detailed question banks and extra reference materials are provided to the students for all subjects well in advance.

6.Remedial and enrichment classes are conducted to focus on different learning abilities of the students.