Apart from giving students opportunities, the students are motivated and their efforts acknowledged with words of appreciation along with certificates and awards at events organized in the school.

Physical Development and Sports Facilities

1. A special sports complex spread in 10 acres of land has been built in Vasundhara complex which houses a roller skating rink of international standards , lawn tennis court, badminton court , basket ball court, volley ball court and hand ball court, modern 400m racing athletic track, hockey, football and cricket grounds. Besides gymnasium facility, special swings, and various indoor sports e.g wooden blocks, table-tennis, carom-board, scrabble etc. are also available.

2. The sports complex is the most modern and one of the best of its kind in Haryana State. Several State and National level games are also hosted here.

3. The aim of providing these facilities is not only to familiarize students with most of the games and sports but also to keep them physically fit, healthy, agile and alert. To ensure that every student enjoys and appreciates games and sports, they are expected to become an expert in at least one or two games of their choice. To accomplish this we allow students to explore different environments by providing them playfields, and facilities under proper guidance of expert coaches.