Best Boarding School In Faridabad Haryana

Boarding School in NCR

SDV Faridabad has in-house ‘Best Boarding Facilities’ in Delhi NCR. It is the 19th year of successfully running a residential system with the best hostel facilities. Boy’s hostels are located at picturesque location in the western side of the school. Windows of the hostel provide panoramic view of the surrounding agricultural fields, which changes color throughout the year due to their seasonality. But what remains constant throughout the year is the purity of oxygen that students inhale all throughout.
There are 2 dedicated hostel blocks, for boys and girls. The building design provides for free movement of students, free flow of light in the rooms and has a good cross ventilation of the air. The building is new and well equipped with communication and recreation facilities.

Each building consists of warden’s apartment who, is directly responsible for the well being of students in that block. While junior students have dormitories, senior students are provided with 2-student per room sharing plan. Boarders can access:
Various recreation facilities available in their floor or building
• Music Practice room
• Common Rooms with TV
• Library
• Neighbouring sport facilities

Girls Hostel
Located adjacent to the school building is looked after by caring and mature lady wardens. Their block too has similar amenities and we do not differentiate between boys and girls but in fact focus on empowering girls in all spheres of their life.
Satyug Darshan Vidyalaya has ultra-modern smokeless kitchen equipments to cater to very large number of users seamlessly. This ensures hygiene factors and helps achieve efficiencies. Cleanliness and hygiene are on top of the Mess agenda.
We have a strong value system at the mess. Each student is expected to pray before taking his/her meal. Children are expected to abide by the table manners during their meals. The day boarders to take their refreshments and lunch at the school mess.