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Activities of the Trust

Satyug Darshan Trust (Regd.) was founded on 12th July 1995 with the objectives of alleviating physical, mental and spiritual sufferings of humanity and to infuse consciousness, fraternity and love for humanity by all possible means.

It has from time to time undertaken various initiatives and decisions to fulfill its charter. These include number of camps and programmes for intellectual, physical, emotional, aesthetic, social and moral development of the people across ages at Faridabad and number of other places, particularly in Northern India

Some of the activities of the Trust:

Intellectual development
During all its activities, functions and programmes emphasis is laid on developing scientific temper, logic and thinking skills, innovativeness and creativity. Stress is also laid on distinguishing Laws of Nature Science as distinct from the physical science.

Physical Development
For physical development of youth, sport meets are organized, inculcating sportsmanship and a sense of forbearance in the youngsters.

During various discourses, the importance of good health, personal hygiene, use of balanced and proper diet etc. are highlighted. Also, the composition of body and its functioning along with laws of health are explained.

Emotional Development
Since emotions are prime motive force of thought and conduct, the development of self-confidence, compassion, tolerance and positive outlook are inculcated by organizing various discourses/camps.

Aesthetic Development
In order to inculcate an attitude for aesthetic appreciation and creativity, events are conducted for youngsters to develop and exhibit their talents in arts, music and dance.

Social and Moral Development
Congregations are regularly held to impart such social and moral values so that all the actions and deeds of the supreme creation of God ie."Man", remain truthfully supreme for establishment of the atmosphere of peace and harmony in this universe. To achieve the objectives of creating healthy fellow beings, kind, helpful and cooperative attitude, sense of justice, respect for others, their beliefs and religion, feeling of universal brotherhood, the basic concept of 'ONE GOD' for the entire universe are scientifically explained, so that people rise above their narrow beliefs and thoughts which have created inter-religion rivalry.

To achieve the above-mentioned objectives, which are the basic philosophy of Satyug Darshan Trust (Regd.), the Trust has undertaken various steps

  • A free dispensary has been set up in the complex at Satyug Darshan Vasundhra, which is serving the rural population in the area surrounding the complex, where no such proper facilities exist.

  • This apart, free dispensary equipped with Pathological Lab. has been set up in various places including Jalandhar, Ambala Cantt and Gurgaon and 13 Charitable Dispensaries are fuctioning at various places including Gugaon, Rewari, Moradabad, Saharanpur etc.

  • Free medical check-up camps for various diseases are organized. For a proper and detailed diagnosis, services of various specialists are arranged to check patients and free medicines are issued as prescribed by these specialists. Thousands of people have so far been benefited.

  • Trust organizes free eye camps from time to time with assistance of eye specialists who implant lenses in the affected eyes of patients. During these camps, not only the lenses but also medicines, lodging, boarding of the patients are provided free of cost. In cases where operation is not considered essential, free medicines are provided to patients, which are required for restoration of eyesight. Thousands of people so far have been benefited.

  • Experts also treat patients through Yoga and Naturopathy. Hundreds again have been benefited.

  • Subsidized immunization camps for prevention of various diseases and blood donation camps too are organised.

  • 'Satya Gyan Yagyas' are organised to achieve the desired objective and further to ensure harmony and peace in the present day disunited families. 'Parivarik Ekta' / 'Sukh Shanti' camps are organised for one and all irrespective of their age and status in their families.

  • Apart from spiritual teachings, the evils of smoking and drinking are also highlighted quite frequently and those addicted, are encouraged to get rid of these bad habits through counselling and periodic de-addiction camps. They are also advised and encouraged to vegetarianism.

  • For teenagers - 'Baal Yuva Jeevan Utthan Shivirs' are held to ensure that youth become truthful members of the society with high morals. They are imparted necessary teachings regarding moral education, character building and supreme truth in life.

  • The grown up girls are given lessons in home science like cooking, stitching, house keeping and household chores to ensure that they are able to run house efficiently and affectionately.

  • To help the poor and needy, during summers, clothes are distributed whereas during winters, shawls, blankets and sweaters are distributed to the deserving. This is a regular practice carried out every year. Similarly items of ration, i.e. flour, sugar, rice and ghee are distributed to the needy on regular basis. Free medical support is provided to patients who can't afford high costs of treatment, after proper verification. Marriages of poor boys/girls are arranged and they are helped in such a way that they can start their lives on a happy note.

  • Music Center has been started from April 13 2005. It is open to all who are keen to practice music or dance, irrespective of their age and gender.

  • Financial help is extended on merit cum means basis to the deserving students.