Technology in Education

Satyug's Technology in Education Programme

To ensure that our children thrive in future, we have broadened our definition of student learning and achievements which incorporates the new global work place skills.

Satyug's Technology in Education Programme (STEP) is designed to prepare students for the 21st century work environment. We have a well defined technology policy with clearly stated objectives.

Besides software, digital learning exploits audio, video, CD-ROMs, computer simulations and databases. The set up in the school Computer Labs help students seek and use information in a collaborative, creative and engaging way that gives both students and teachers a new kind of educational experience.

The IT Program is headed by Mentor, who oversees the implementation of STEP, in addition there is a Facilities Leader, who is also the Administrator, responsible for upkeep and maintenance of all the systems including hardware and networking. The subject teachers do the role of facilitator and frequently undergo a structured coherent training programme.

School has 2 computer labs for junior and senior wings. In addition, there is a hi-tech multimedia lab. with audio-video and projection facilities and has a capacity to seat over 100 persons. All the labs are being utilized to enable students harness the technology for a better understanding of their subjects and computers per se.

The students can polish their problem-solving skills and learn how to make decisions. Since digital content is available in various formats, it is tailored into student's individual learning style. Students who learn analytically use texts and data while those who visually use more of charts and video, learn through these aids.