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Spiritual Policy

"Rain-water flowing down from a terrace through a sprout shaped grotesquely like a tiger's head, appears to come through the mouth of this, but in reality it descends from the sky. So also the holy teachings that come out of the godly men seem to be uttered by them, but in truth they come from God himself."

The Satyug Darshan Vidyalaya by bequest and foundation is essentially spiritual in character. It is the Satyug Darshan Trust's intention that at Satyug Darshan Vidyalaya, all children of the various religions and communities should, by instruction and worship, be led to a personal knowledge of the supreme truth of life. Be built up to understand the true worth of worldly knowledge and the knowledge about eternal oneness of Jiva and Brahm.

Children are groomed in such an environment that provides the background of spiritual inclination. There are various talks, lectures and activities on spirituality organized on regular basis.

Students are also made aware of their rich spiritual culture by teaching them various acts and activities, the correct approach of performing them, the rationale and benefits of undertaking them. Some of the activities conducted include prarthna, yoga & dhyana, havan & yagya. The underlying principle behind all such activities is, an attempt to make students realize, assimilate and live in harmony with nature and be able to conduct their personal and professional life synergistically and attain both spiritual and material wisdom.