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The initiation of Satyug Darshan Vidyalaya is a step in the direction to awaken humanity to the supreme truth of life, to understand and appreciate true meaning and worth of worldly knowledge, as well as the knowledge about the eternal oneness of Jiva and Brahm.

It is essential to perceive the reality of our existence and to achieve the goal of our lives by harmonizing the spirit of different religions. The mission of this school is to impart such moral values so that all the actions and deeds of the supreme creation of God i.e. 'man,' remain truthfully supreme for the establishment of atmosphere of peace and harmony in the Universe.

We are committed to shape Satyug Darshan Vidyalaya as a center of excellence in complete education - spiritual and material, where confluence of body, mind and ethical values is achieved. It is our goal and duty to develop and hone the skills of our students as balanced and responsible citizens of the world who not only succeed in their personal lives and professional careers but also attain the actual goal of life

Mr. Kailash Dhingra